Caractéristiques techniques


Aircraft Vehicle

Composition: Full composites
Wingspan: 165in (4.2m) Length 59in (1.5m) Maximum Take off Mass: 55lbs (25kg) Engine Type: Gasoline Engine
Endurance: 10h / 540NM (1000km)
Cruise Speed: 35kt to 70kt (65to 130km/h) Maximum speed: 100kt (180km/h) Maximum Altitude: 15.000ft (4.500m) Launch: Sandow Catapult
Recovery: All Terrain, short range bellylanding

Payload bay

Volume: 35x8x9 in3 (90x21x23 cm3) Maximum Payload Mass: 11lbs (5kg) Electric Power Supply: 100W, 12V regulated
Openings: Automated Side opening hatches* Fastening: Fastening Rails*

Operational Conditions

Transport: Entire system contains in a trailer for light vehicules
Preparation Time: Less than 20min
Temperature Range: -4°Fto 122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
Max Wind Speed for Takeoff: 32kt (60km/h)


General: Full automatic mission flight, cartographic
monitoring Ground Control Station: Customized from QG Control Software, additionnal safety module
Landing, Takeoff: Automatic take off, RTK aided landing, possibility of full manual control
*Customization on demand